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A photo  of Kadira Jennings award winning artist and director of art classes central coast

Soothe Your Soul. Art For Your Mental Health and Well Being


Hi.  I am Kadira Jennings and I run Art Classes Central Coast  from my studio

in Springfield.


At Art Classes Central Coast, I offer a unique service to all students.  My focus is on developing your creative potential no matter what level you may currently be at.  I teach everyone from beginners to advanced levels, working with you to help your creativity blossom.  For beginners I focus on walking you through beginning steps, offering you a guiding hand.  I have walked your path, and understand your fears, the longings and the impatience, the hopes and the joys that accompany all beginning students.

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But you know, all you really need is the desire to try, that is all you need to begin.  I can help you work through all the rest.

Because I find a class situation does not necessarily meet all these needs, I also offer one on one Creativity Coaching sessions, which you can take at any time, regardless of whether you are booked into regular classes or not. 


I find that many students will begin with one of these sessions, so they can have my undivided attention and get their confidence happening in a privately supported environment.  Once they feel their confidence gaining and get their ‘sea legs’ so to speak, they enter the group classes and are away to a flying start.

If you are more advanced, you may be needing some fresh direction, or perhaps some help in getting your work out there with business and networking skills.  A Creativity Coaching session is ideal for this as we can discuss your career development in depth, which includes both business skills and artistic development, direction and plans.   Where many aspiring artists fall down, is failing to realize that if they want to live off their art,  they need to build a business and that the present day business model for an artist is quite different from the traditional perception of the gallery-artist relationship.

I have over 20 years experience teaching art on the Central Coast and offer a wide range of services to students. If you would like to know more about me, please check out my full Biography.

To find out about my Career history take a look at my Resume

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